In some cases, vieral-canis, all that interdimensional traversement requires is a valid passport and completed paperwork. And do not worry, tehflah, we have been informed that all will be sorted. Westwood promises to delay drinking the forfeit alcohol to after Star Shot’s sleepover is finished.

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  2. askwhiteeyes answered: Well, glad to see you guys are having fun.
  3. hewhoisknownasiam said: Woot, boozery! And puns!
  4. hewhoisknownasiam answered: Ha.
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    Whew, good to hear. Too much craziness to be unleashed onto one plane of existence all at once!
  6. aethertaffyswirl answered: Lable them all with sticky notes
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    So many confiscated bottles and jugs of dubious contents! How will they keep them straight?
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  9. the-nightwatchers answered: -puts a hoof to his face and shakes his head- Westwood… oyi vey…
  10. askdraygan answered: we all love this fandom. it fookin rocks