Elements of InvestigationRevelation

While “hiding in plain sight” appears obvious in retrospect, Whiteeyes, only Shining Armor and our ex-intern would recognize Her Royal Highness Cadence’s personality change. Of the siblings, the brother proved more convincing, especially since we had scanned the real Princess Cadence.

Unfortunately, neither Westwood’s documents or Canterlot’s own archives held anything about these creatures, Arcane Howitzer (NSFW), Thunder Strike, and Mercenary Mewtwo, and we only realized Demon Killer(NSFW)’s revelation too late.

I regret I was unable to dissuade Her Royal Highness from directly entering combat, limiting options. For now, Gaian Luck, one can only regroup and prepare.

(( Woo, it feels good to finally get this one out! Those following my mod blog probably saw me struggle with ensuring the animated gifs worked with Tumblr for the last couple of weeks. You’ll notice that on the fourth panel, I had to drop a frame (it’s okay, it’s part of the error!) just to get Tumblr to accept it. My apologies that it’s taken this long!

Anyhoo, work’s been getting stupid-busy as of late, and will probably be that way for a while. Those of you new to the tumblr might want to click the Elements of Investigation link to see this storyarc chronologically. ))

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